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Unlike some authors who toss off 30 or 40 thousand words and call it a novel, I spent nearly eight years working on Valley of Death. (Not counting six or seven agonizing rewrites) VOD clocks in at just over 110,000 painstakingly chosen words, and I have received positive remarks from people who enjoy a good scary story. It is not a gross out novel. It's believable characters fighting to overcome a horrible situation. Yes, there are gory portions, but the underlying message of survival against overwhelming odds is more in the style of high adventure with humorous elements gently sprinkled where appropriate. If you want gore and lots of it, Valley of Death is most likely not for you.
If you visit you can preview the first 20% of the entire story. And even if you don't like it I sincerely hope you will take the time to truthfully and thoughtfully explain why and drop me a note at [email protected]

William Bebb
author and exotic dancer

or visit my novels website at:

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