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So this Spanish fansite is doing a huge beta key giveaway.
There's currently 67 keys left.
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File 13283442229.jpg - (11.77KB , 225x225 , 7.jpg )

File 129233245746.png - (3.65KB , 300x300 , 11692509276617.png )
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File 132834413691.jpg - (5.50KB , 160x160 , 8.jpg )

File 12921839693.png - (109.93KB , 400x600 , 129028079735.png )
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Our wonderful signature maker also!
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File 132834405996.jpg - (11.87KB , 259x195 , 9.jpg )

File 129207721177.jpg - (19.16KB , 500x375 , bdaycake.jpg )
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File 132834395250.jpg - (12.63KB , 247x204 , 10.jpg )
If you're running low, go to the store
Carry some money to help you buy more
The tab is there to open the can
The can is there to hold in the spam

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Different answers, different discussion than you're used to.


File 132812371141.jpg - (187.72KB , 1200x783 , 5.jpg )
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File 132624796713.jpg - (292.47KB , 1280x1024 , 1177371542939.jpg )
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TL;DR - I Am Looking For Someone To Draw Me Something! Line Art Is Fine! Any Help Appreciated. read on for more info

I was wondering if any talented artists out there felt like helping me spruce up my desktop with a wallpaper of my own twist on an OS-Tan. for those of you not familiar with OS-Tans, its a pretty neat, clever, and funny concept of personifying Operating Systems. Check out this wiki for more info:

my OS-Tan would actually be of my computer, rather than It's OS. My computer, Jessica, is sort of the leader and my maid. everything is in her, and with a LogMeIn Free account and Windows Live Mesh, everything and anything is accessible to me as long as i am online no matter where i am. She is also in charge of all sorts of alarms and reminders - my computer is my alarm clock. She also sends me reminders to my phone. I could go on, but as you can see, she is a reliable machine who has never let me down in 8 years. And in return, i keep her well maintained and give her upgrades when i can.

I was hoping for an Anime style drawing, but I'll take what i can get.
For inspiration and a guide, download this small folder of images including the most important picture - her case.
In the folder, there is another folder called “Uniform”. There are several pictures of a girl in glasses with a pink uniform with a tie on. You may have seen her in an Anime that i cant remember the name of. I was thinking of maybe a uniform just like that except instead of the pink corset (or whatever that is), it could be a black armored type of sleek combat uniform. Oh and then, inspired by her case, she could have a black metal mesh over her abs with the blue glowing fan behind it.
Im thinking of some either tall boots or pantyhose, either way I would like the thighs exposed. Not sure if I want heals. Whatever you wanna do and we’ll see how it looks.
>> No. 391
Sorry about that!

File 132749813068.jpg - (116.59KB , 500x359 , ASEXYHOUND.jpg )
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Canine Semen Bank?


File 132280273642.jpg - (21.89KB , 432x413 , hay.jpg )
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Don't visit my site it's gay
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nudevista to you too, buddy!

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