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People disappearing(abductions) and others by altering themselves and reality(invisibility and speed),surrounding nightlights-stores-genitals(doing it with clones)and then returning.Recreating various lost outside situations results in invisibility and speed,your mind returning to the past (time travel (accidents)) if your iron and chromium anemic.People being kept off the streets and beaches,turning your apparently empty place into a motel/outhouse.Tired yet pet of the puking pests and your hungrily grabbed sleeping genitals,suffocations,draining energy,demon possession,cuts,barking dogs,popped people,an anal attack on colon cleansed people,turning people into traitorous sex fiends by getting them to look at something and/or sniff something and the so-called vaccine,mind control and connected minds communicating,interuptions,preparing you for what’s happening now and after (animalism).Waking up over and over again in this place,picking,poking,prodding people at the top with medical instruments,attempting to access your minds hidden secrets when you sleep,some people dying in their sleep,reviving regular people in that place and bringing them out to court and their accusations,reincarnation,your suspicious,maybe they’ll reach through the screen and your reality show from this planet.Surrounded by the future,the past and nightlights,being pulled towards the future or the past along with your iron coins,etc that your in contact with or surrounded by,people travelling back in time getting attacked,having accidents or sending messages.Replacing some people with clones,robots,etc,people leaving this planet,what year are you from?Concluding the experiment an cleaning the cage.Nature’s,etc examples.

File 134621047453.jpg - (184.48KB , 600x450 , 134405748618.jpg )
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File 134586842377.jpg - (241.95KB , 600x1417 , 1345826768024.jpg )
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Life Hacks

File 134541237943.jpg - (485.53KB , 1200x675 , P1040935.jpg )
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.. just posting some pix for a craigs list ad.
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File 134541245867.jpg - (395.29KB , 1200x675 , P1040945.jpg )

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A replacement for Overchan which the owner has pronounced dead of future updates.

File 134451581350.jpg - (143.38KB , 1280x720 , Battlestar-Galactica-Cylon-Centurion-battlestar-ga.jpg )
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Cylon Centurions Galore
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File 134451585139.jpg - (566.26KB , 1802x2400 , tl61213493793212s.jpg )

File 134236303585.jpg - (123.52KB , 1920x1080 , 008N.jpg )
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Aspid is so beutifull

File 134220913659.png - (94.45KB , 1658x749 , derp.png )
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File 134124257438.jpg - (48.52KB , 380x440 , love-dubstep_american-apparel-unisex-tank_white_w3.jpg )
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