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Ok - there's been much about how to Shoop images, but almost nothing on the photo making part.

Last model I worked with was a sport and took some "outtakes" to help show some common problems with posing in relation to NOSES and EYES.

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Hey /p/, I need some help. I've decided that I want to get a camera that isn't shit and maybe start doing something that also isn't shit with it. Currently it's a debate between the Pentax k-x and the pictured one.

I'm entirely new to DSLRs and the possibility of photography beyond basic amateur stuff, and I was wondering what I'd need to get started to take this to a job level, or at the very least to become a serious hobbyist. What sort of equipment should I invest in, and what would I have to do to get onto a professional level?

I barely understand half the words and terms I see used here, I'm sure I'll learn along the way though. That just could give you an idea of how new I am to this.

I don't really expect to take this onto a professional level (although it'd be quite nice should I find myself enjoying it a lot), I'm really just looking for some tips and such for someone new. I also don't expect either of these cameras to be top-end, but I'd like to know what features on each camera are better (besides the obvious things that anyone can figure out by looking at specs), and overall which one wins.

Last quick note, the T2i is the most I can pay for a camera alone at this time, but I'd scrounge up enough for any extras that I would be wise to invest in. Please limit it to these 2 cameras, or another one in a very similar price range.

Thanks for any help in advance.
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what kind of professional photographer? Different types need different equipment.

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So tired of people starting up their photography companies, and their portfolio online look like garbage. Crap anyone could take..

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