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File 13264074448.jpg - (69.70KB , 600x400 , 1326330012947.jpg )
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File 132331724939.jpg - (594.21KB , 869x1024 , 1323284144090.jpg )
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I like the eerie feeling of this photo.

C&C appreciated

File 132331716540.jpg - (734.35KB , 1080x720 , 1323310383524.jpg )
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This is my friend Kara. I like her.

File 132331710568.jpg - (14.46KB , 345x345 , 1323233549948.jpg )
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I currently own a 5D with a 50mm f/1.4

Would "downgrading" to a 40D w/Sigma 50mm f/1.4 be different? I normally just use the 50mm focal length.

It wouldn't be the same, but I cannot justify owning a 5D anymore to be honest. I love it, but its just a $1,000 paper weight with the lack of lenses I have.

File 12995904981.jpg - (7.10KB , 271x313 , 124zz3p[1].jpg )
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File 129959071089.jpg - (30.22KB , 430x542 , 129548160919.jpg )
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File 132280260522.png - (390.13KB , 347x482 , 4362767658.png )
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File 13228026464.jpg - (4.98KB , 203x251 , confuse.jpg )

File 132216383035.jpg - (4.40KB , 200x120 , 131828337356s.jpg )
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People disappearing or others leaving by the minute of our time and then returning,surrounded by the future,the past and stadium nightlights when people sleep,are off the streets and believe the stores are closed,abductions,suffocations,stretching and squeezing your genitals,interference,barking dogs,shootings,popped people,invisibility,speed,acoustic weapons,sound amplifiers,alarm,hospitals,clones,androids.Statements,pictures,words,etc and their various interpretations,coincidence,people saying your this,your that,your there,did masterbator really turn into a fiend by sniffing the vaccine nasal spray.Various outside situations field,cold,hungry,cuts,still,sweating,shaking,toilet,down cave,smoke,bones,breathing,alcohol,walking,spewing acid or not,alkaline,laugh,cry,worry,calm,emotions,senses,thought,alters you or your mind will return to the past if your anemic,sound and won´t cook with or touch and remembering,accidents,draining energy from well fed stressed cancerous pensioners,personally affecting reality,salt and fear and getting attacked.Stuck in this nest, etc,being pulled to the future or the past with your iron coins and other materials your in contact with or surrounded by,your really suspicious,connected minds,mind control now and from the future,controlled and uncontrolled movements,people leaving this planet,beaming,what year are you from,preparing you for what comes after and now,animalism.Really waking up,poking,picking,prodding,people at the top with medical instruments,reviving regular people and bringing them out to court.Attempting to recreate what happened on another world,loading trains and what appears as empty trucks.Past and horrible future past lives.Pets people travelling back in time getting attacked,accidents or sending messages today.Nature´s examples.Is this place real,it´s like playing the same video game over and over again,maybe they´ll reach through the screen and your reality show.Tired of the pests act yet pet.Turning your place into a motel/outhouse.Aneurysms and ruptures.Reverse the situation.An anal attack on colon cleansed seniors.Facial deformities and other measurements.Concluding the experiment and cleaning the cage.Figuring,writing ability.
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File 131046978534.jpg - (6.10KB , 275x183 , imagesCAA1HGJ6.jpg )
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Various situations outside,walk,field, cold,down underground,chased,cuts, hungry,calm,breathing,toilet,spewing acid,alkaline,emotions,sensations alters you depending on situation or your mind returns to past if anemic,sound or wouldn’t cook with,affecting reality,draining energy from pensioners. Time visitors, missing people,stadium nightlights,invisibility,random attacks when freaks are in bed and think stores are closed,people saying your this,your that,reading etc,coincidence,did masterbator really sniff something turning people into fiends,preparing you for what comes after,your suspicious,stuck in this nest.

File 130546084894.jpg - (7.43KB , 176x169 , imagesCAF7XEKA.jpg )
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Various situations outside,walking,freezing cold,underground,almost starving,spewing acid alkaline,floods,volcanos,circumstances alters what you are,that depends on the situation,either you’ll get away,reverse the situation or your mind will go back to the past if your anemic,sound,acidic,what you have at your place,affecting reality,draining energy from pensioned seniors so a law gets passed force loading them onto planes for transport.People going back getting attacked by home members or popped by unseen that ,abducts children,wants stadium nightlights,people off the street when you think stores are closed and the thing your living with leaving the windows open.Unseen doesn't like roaming animals,car damaged stores,sound amplifiers when it pulls the alarm and missing earplugs and acoustic weapons,it is however interested in suffocating people or your genitals when your sleeping like they want.Surrounded by various times,the past ,the future and the stadium lights all night long,people from other times travelling to our time,abducted kids,people being replaced by someone who looks like they do,don't you care. Possible plan to prevent people from masterbating by getting them to sniff something that turns people into fiends.People at the top sniff it and probably parents would get their kids to get the so-called vaccine etcetera and create an animal situation,preparing you for what comes after, I know your suspicious.Male virgins and others stuck in this antfarm.

File 13007466701.jpg - (43.08KB , 580x346 , vet.jpg )
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File 12942011947.jpg - (3.14MB , 4000x2248 , P1060267.jpg )
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on a plane
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File 129569992683.jpg - (145.96KB , 1000x667 , 1295699321546.jpg )

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