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File 129575011131.jpg - (578.69KB , 3425x2238 , 1295155548693.jpg )
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BOOM headshot!
>> No. 97
File 132207847281.jpg - (665.06KB , 2048x1536 , IMG00184-20111008-1524.jpg )
BOOM parking lot!

File 129607766870.jpg - (319.22KB , 2100x1500 , 1296069974477.jpg )
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The worlds largest airforce belongs to the US Airforce
the second largest airforce belongs to the US Navy
your thoughts?
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File 132174958672.jpg - (2.72MB , 4288x2416 , DSCF1116.jpg )
I'm good with that.
>> No. 96
File 132181260255.jpg - (2.63MB , 4288x2416 , DSCF1385.jpg )

File 131187951396.jpg - (164.04KB , 750x524 , beretta-680-schematic-cole-gunsmithing.jpg )
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This is #8 of the large majority of content I plan to submit. I hope you can read these and put them to good use. I plan to, when the time is right.

A suggestion to those of you who are true Freedom Fighters. Save these somewhere safe. There may be a time when the internet has ceased to be available to the masses, during this time, this information will be vital and may even save your life.

File 130539135511.jpg - (8.93KB , 235x214 , imagesCAJA4PBR.jpg )
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Various situations outside,walking,freezing cold,underground,almost starving,spewing acid,volcanos,circumstances alters what you are,that depends on the situation,either you’ll get away,reverse the situation or your mind will go back to the past if your anemic,sound,what you have at your place,affecting reality,draining energy from masterbating pensioned seniors so a law gets passed force loading them onto planes for transport.People going back getting attacked by home members or popped by unseen that ,abducts children,wants stadium nightlights,people off the street when you think stores are closed and the thing your living with leaving the windows open.Unseen doesn't like roaming animals,car damaged stores,sound amplifiers when it pulls the alarm and missing earplugs and acoustic weapons,it is however interested in suffocating people or your genitals when you sleep like they want.Surrounded by various times,the past ,the future and the stadium lights all night long,people from other times travelling to our time,abducted kids,people being replaced by someone who looks like they do,don't you care. Possible plan to prevent people from masterbating by getting them to sniff something that turns people into fiends.People at the top sniff it and probably parents would get their kids to get the so-called vaccine etcetera and create an animal situation,preparing you for what comes after, I know your suspicious.Male virgins and others stuck in this antfarm.

File 13005669506.jpg - (555.00KB , 555x555 , 5.jpg )
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File 12929021648.jpg - (168.47KB , 640x480 , 1292901887260[1].jpg )
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I'm going back home to upstate NY for Christmas later this week. (Upstate means "not NYC.") I'm not a NY resident anymore. I'd like to take my M6 Scout (.22lr/.410 shotgun) with me to do some target shooting with my stepbrother and his own .22lr while I'm up. Is it legal for me to take my rifle into NY? All the stuff I've looked at online seems to talk about licenses with handguns for residents only and lots of stuff about NYC, but nothing about shotguns or rifles for the rest of the state. My dad, a current NY resident and NRA lifetime member, isn't sure either. Any thoughts?
>> No. 12
You are OK with rifles and shotguns. No handguns.
>> No. 14
thanks, it sounds like from the other places Ive posted there are very similar agreements.

File 129496717264.png - (225.20KB , 1296x1025 , 1294966928636[1].png )
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So I was bored and decided to check out his website...This is fucking stupid....


one of my favorite excerpts is:
"The hunter gets up early, before daybreak. While shaving, he cuts his face. He tastes the blood and it is good. His desire for the prey has become sexual.

Later that morning, the hunter enters the forest with his phallic firearm, and stalks the great horned beast. He sees one innocently drinking water from a stream, and raises his phallus-gun to his shoulder. Pulling the trigger he releases his sperm-bullet into the innocent mammal. But rather than life, his sperm-bullet spreads death. The deer grunts in surprise, and falls to the ground, dead."

Fucking beautiful...

File 129408855325.jpg - (6.40KB , 300x300 , gerber-22-01629-lmf-II-black-infantry-knife.jpg )
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This is my blade.
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File 129466507812.jpg - (27.82KB , 451x263 , 1294613959907.jpg )

File 129290219635.jpg - (32.00KB , 492x458 , 1292898633662[1].jpg )
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RIGHT NOW /K/ show me your largest weapon in yalls folder. i'll go first
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/nra/ on this site.

File 129269967065.jpg - (78.67KB , 508x604 , 12862702052.jpg )
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