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Most of the Weapons Showen I allready have. Enjoy
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File 133903665733.jpg - (548.33KB , 2000x1333 , 1319040066380.jpg )

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Knife thread.

Post your EDC.
Post your dream knife.
Post your knife porn.
Post your survival knife.
Post your WAT KNIF IZ GUD questions.

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>at home browsing /k/
>get hungry, decide to go to Polish restaurant
>decide to OC my Glock 19
>decide to load it with some Loughner-style assault clips, because I can and fuck the Brady Campaign
>get to eatery, order some white borsch as an appetizer
>some wrinkly-vagina liberal cunt approaches me and starts to bitch about my gun and assault clips, telling me I'm a danger to everyone there
>her foul nagging is interfering with the enjoyment of my delicious soup
>I'm pissed and get out of my chair to confront the bitch
>put my hand on my gun, slightly withdraw it from its holster and thumb safety off with a very audible "CLICK"
>entire restaurant goes silent and is watching me with undivided attention
>put on my angriest scowl, my eyes are probably bloodshot from the rage induced high blood pressure
>brainless feminazi goes completely pale, her lips are quivering in fear
>inform her that while she is entitled to her opinion, open carry is perfectly legal and I am in full compliance with the law
>suggest she sit back down and enjoy the rest of her fine meal before it gets cold
>she shits down with the look of a whipped dog and slowly starts to eat
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File 132613301635.jpg - (96.92KB , 453x500 , Ted_mug_shot_Apr08.jpg )
>at home browsing /k/
>get hungry, decide to go to vegetarian restaurant
>decide to OC my Hunting Bow
>decide to load it with some bear killing arrows, because I can and fuck everybody who isn't me
>get to eatery, order a moose as an appetizer
>some fat-fuck greasy conservative wannabe approaches me and starts to bitch about something, telling me I'm a hero to everyone in America and my music rocks
>I pick up the nerdy conservative and use him as an arrow
>He flies across the street and kills a terrorist

File 132331729917.jpg - (212.12KB , 1000x263 , 1323313262556.jpg )
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Been thinking of getting one of the imports of these, still chambered in that 7.5mm French cartridge. In fact, doing my research, the only drawback is the difficulty in finding ammunition, as it looks to be a pretty good rifle.

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