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This game is so full of bugs, I'm regretting the $5 I spent on it. First off, I couldn't watch any cutscenes. The screen would turn black and I only got to listen to them. I found the fix for this was to lower the resolution way down. Great, now the game looks like shit but I can actually tell what's happening during the cutscenes. Second, I found that 90% of the cars don't have any glass surfaces; no windows, no windshields, no brakelight covers, no headlights -- that is, unless I'm moving backwards. When the car is moving in a reverse motion, I magically get all those glass/transparent surfaces, only to lose them when I come to a stop or begin moving forward. This is something I just had to accept, as I have not found a proper solution. Third, the game crashes when I enter the menu 5% of the time, so I have conditioned myself to never pause the game. There have been times when looking at the map would have really been useful, but I didn't want to risk the game crashing, so I just had to make do. On a few rare occasions, all car models disappeared, leaving only rectangular shadows over which people in sitting positions hovered down the street, which was hilarious to witness, but it's just another example of how fucking broken and shitty this version of the game is. Google has revealed to me that Rockstar gives not one fuck about supporting the PC port of this game, and is selling the game as the buggy unplayable piece of shit that it is.

This is mostly just to give me a place to vent, but I guess maybe you guys could help me out if you knew if there are any unofficial bug fix patches for GTA IV PC that I could grab, much like the Fallout 3 unofficial bug fix patches I see everywhere. Seeing as Rockstar isn't gonna fix their shit, might as well look to the modding community.

TL;DR: I bought GTA4PC, it doesn't work, from now on I'm pirating Rockstar's shit because they don't deserve my money.

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I just got this movie on Blu-ray. I'd say it's a 9/10. Madhouse just keeps bashing it out of the park. Im especially interested in how this will affect the industry.
what does anon think?

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remember this?
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