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File 133254756132.jpg - (19.02KB , 400x262 , 529077_319949658060292_176890359032890_796763_1326.jpg )

File 134054229639.png - (141.40KB , 640x400 , YE.png )
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I invite you to Lithuanian chan http://370chan.lt/int/ Have a nice stay.
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I invite you to go visit /spam/

File 132444036052.jpg - (121.80KB , 511x529 , 1324438030464.jpg )
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Chose your champion /b/, whose the best bond?

~ Sean Connery

~ Daniel Craig

~ Pierce Brosnan (I think we're all just limiting this to Golden Eye)

~ ... Roger Moore (because 4 images fit better in a square)
>> No. 315
still think lasnbry, best story out of that era
>> No. 316
pierce ftw, daniel craig works for plenty of other movies though

File 132640722778.jpg - (125.45KB , 752x538 , EAONZ.jpg )
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File 132640714779.jpg - (69.70KB , 600x400 , 1326330012947.jpg )
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File 132443438975.jpg - (27.79KB , 500x579 , 1324433599386.jpg )
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These people were arrested for hate speech.
God bless America


File 132443434681.jpg - (26.91KB , 500x375 , 1324433843924.jpg )
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File 130831681419.jpg - (9.30KB , 235x214 , 130545986595s.jpg )
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Various situations outside,walking,field, cold,underground,chased,really hungry almost starving,spewing acid,alkaline,toilet,volcanos,circumstances alters what you are,that depends on the situation,either you’ll get away,reverse the situation or your mind will return to the past if your anemic,sound,what you have at your place or don’t want one touching or cooking with,affecting reality based on your personal situation,salt and fear and getting attacked,alcohol and the lack of fear and not being stuck with an ugly,draining energy from people they can't buy off so that a law gets passed force loading them onto planes for transport.People going back getting attacked by home members or popped by unseen that ,abducts children,wants stadium nightlights,people off the street when you think stores are closed and the thing your living with leaving the windows open.Unseen doesn't like roaming animals,car damaged stores,sound amplifiers when it pulls the alarm and missing earplugs and acoustic weapons or that old motorcycle helmet they want you to throw out,it is however interested in suffocating people or your genitals when your sleeping like they want.Surrounded by various times,the past ,the future and the stadium lights all night long,people from other times travelling to our time,abducted kids,people being replaced by something who looks like they do, you care don’t you.Possible plan to prevent people from masterbating by getting them to sniff something that turns people into fiends.People at the top sniff it and probably parents would get their kids to get the so-called vaccine etcetera and create an animal situation,preparing you for what comes after, your suspicious,I know,communicating with people being told what to say and do,aches and pains so they are kept under control,awakened feeling lousy and aches and pains when your awake or you think you are,what would we find if we really could awaken.Male virgins,freaks,weirdos and others stuck in this antfarm,nest,etc.Oddity to read something saying freak,coincidence,people saying your this,your that,you have,your there.Watching,listening, pictures,reading,etc and their various interpretations,is freak really going to have a future heart attack like
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File 132280120597.gif - (304.39KB , 185x136 , no.gif )

File 130745149377.jpg - (50.29KB , 600x799 , 043.jpg )
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File 131049908244.png - (22.86KB , 100x100 , zim.png )

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