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File 133165774634.gif - (11.22KB , 207x107 , ShowPlate.gif )
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Most awesome license plate people wont remember ???

O D 0 look the same
>> No. 20
File 133165835520.gif - (11.14KB , 207x107 , 133165774634.gif )

File 133105566195.gif - (434.83KB , 1400x1710 , 1329893693674.gif )
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File 132811633952.jpg - (56.41KB , 720x540 , 1328115173082.jpg )
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>>be driving home from university
>>is icy as fuck outside
>>a student runs out in front of the car ahead of me
>>he slams on his breaks
>>i slam on my breaks
>>decided to not own the car in front of me
>>hit the snow bank instead
>>snow bank is hiding a concrete barrier.

cheer me up guys

pic related. its my fucking car
>> No. 16
buy a fucking WRX next time OP, stick to the ground like glue, relatively reliable, plus you get mad pussy
hell, just the other day something similar happened to me and in my piece of shit 95 impreza i was able to ebrake drift my way out of the way of the other driver AND the concrete wall

File 129418496567.jpg - (746.76KB , 1600x900 , P1090504.jpg )
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one for under each seat of my car.
>> No. 3
are they wired mono or stereo?
>> No. 13
stereo, 75 watts RMS to each from a 5 channel amp. 200RMS going to a 12" sub in the trunk.

File 13195890897.jpg - (108.61KB , 1280x715 , FiatBravo.jpg )
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What do you guys think about FIAT coming to the US? I see a lot of commercials now.. I think they are ugly..
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>> No. 11
I've never actaully seen a fiat in real life, but I think they look ok. While I do feel they won't sell well here.
>> No. 12
the european look I think will only have a small marketshare in the US.. ugly

File 132331777976.jpg - (122.73KB , 1024x768 , 1323238749823.jpg )
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ITT: if you aren't planning on voting for this man please explain why. We've really never seen anything close to likes of this candidacy.

Paul supporters are fighting against the establishment and the media that continuously marginalize him and ridicule him and yet we're polling 2nd in Iowa. I know a lot of you on this site support him, but for those who don't I hope you join us soon.

File 130520827410.jpg - (128.69KB , 1024x768 , DSC02431.jpg )
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check ouy mah new boost gauge!

File 12961646596.jpg - (548.63KB , 3504x2336 , ken-block-getting-sideways-awd-style[2].jpg )
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File 12949670884.jpg - (68.10KB , 508x339 , 1294956111750[1].jpg )
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Anal RAM

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