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Sup, /advice/? Could you please lend me a hand with this?

I've got a "friend" I can't stand anymore. His personality is the complete opposite of mine (he's depressive and submissive, I'm a strong-willed fighter), our hobbies are different, we don't have the same taste in anything, he is incredibly annoying, useless and gets on my nerves every single day.

A little bit of background before I continue: This kid is having too much shit on his shoulders now. He's got cancer, he has depressive tendencies, his parents (who don't accept him for who he is) are going to be ruined and probably divorced soon, his sister was in a wheelchair and anorexic, and he's homosexual (which wouldn't be a bad thing if he didn't give it as bad for granted). I see him in every single classroom except for one, and we have a few friends in common.

I really don't know how to tell him to go away and leave me alone. I tried to speak with him about it once, but he was slightly high due to medication and it didn't work, he just ignored what I said. I don't want to tell him to fuck off in a bad manner because in the end he's not a bad person and doesn't deserve such treatment, but he's driving me insane.
What can I do?

Picture related: not the best way of solving this situation.
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hey man, i'd say to gradually stop talking to him but you guys have just about every class together. Try talking to him again. ignore him, give him the cold shoulder, he'll get the idea. U said you don't want to tell him to fuck off, so how exactly do you want to end things? peaceful, some resentment?
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If there's no way you can talk to him to help him get stronger and be able to better deal with his own issues, you may safely gradually stop communicating.

This guy just needs some love, he probably doesn't even love himself so that could be the first step : show him that there's something to love inside of himself.

If you don't think there is anything good or worthwhile in him, you're sadly mistaken and should look further.

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hey i'm new here...ummm Well here goes, i don't know how to dance. And my girlfriend loves to dance. She'd like to go clubbing with me and he prom is coming up. Now i wouldn't mind dancing with her and going clubbing but i don't know how to dance. I feel awkward just thinking about doing it, but i want to be able to. Help?

tl;dr i want to dance but i don't know how and because of this i feel awkward.

pic kinda related its a club, people dance there

thanx in advance
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youtube, learn.

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