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Hey /advice/,

Do you guys also have that sense of impending doom?
Well, I have my time where it's somehow "heightened". I fear something coming, yet nothing happens. I first had that when I was 7 and a little hysteria was sparked by 9/11, then again in 2009 when the swine flu, then again currently due to my brain being a troll. What I mean by "heightened" it's a state of complete nervousness and thinking even more frequently and strongly that something's gonna happen, when it's not. I'm slipping out of it right now.

Does anybody else go through this?
If so, how do you manage it?
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I think we all feel that way to some degree.Bad things happen in this world all the time.Most of it far away.But sometimes close to home.And sometimes in to our own friends & family.Here is what i do.I imagine a fictitious event occuring in my family .Then i make a plan as to how i would react,and what i would do to deal with it.Not only what i would do but how others would react that are affected by it.After a few days i would take another look at my first plan and and make changes .What this does is it gives you a chance to put some discipline into how you might react.This exercise gives me some discipline in reacting to problems.It helps me.Maybe it will help you .And then again maybe not.

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I'm awkward and less-than-attractive looking. Today I manned the fuck up and talked to a girl in one of my classes who I think is cute. It felt a bit awkward but she was smiling all the while and kept talking to me. She seemed nervous and I couldn't really tell if she was nervous like a lot of people are when a person approaches them or if I was making her uncomfortable. I'm worried that she might have been talking to me just to be polite, but I figure if I was really making her uncomfortable she would have backed off.

She's really cool and I'd like to go out with her or whatever but I'm worried she's to good for me. Where do I go from here? Should I keep talking to her?
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File 132279275019.png - (2.61KB , 493x402 , aww.png )
>I'm awkward and less-than-attractive looking.

So am I, and yet somehow I'm not single. Go for it OP.
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File 133125543116.jpg - (23.78KB , 300x523 , 374299_251292948259297_176890359032890_640418_6764.jpg )

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>Flirt a lot with friend for a long time
>Hugs, tickling, putting faces close together to the point where our foreheads are against each other
>Recently realize how much I want to hook up with her
>Start to flirt more intensely
>She's fine with longer hugs to the point of cuddling
>Get more intense in tickle fights, touch her breasts accidentally (well, kind of accidentally) a lot, put my hands on her hips and leave them there for a while, she doesn't say anything
>Recently, when I do the close-face thing she looks to the side and down and gives a smile
>Started breathing into her ear and whispering into it so she can feel the vibrations, and she giggles a lot when I do it
Is she down, /adv/? Part of me says yes, and part of me says that I'm being full of myself and that's just how we act because we're close. I don't know the signs at all because I'm horrible at reading into stuff.
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r u kiddin? go for it, boy, go go)

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wtf is this?
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good god..

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this is how they roll

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Was talking with some friends, some guys, some girls, and we were discussing which gender cheated more. I said it would probably be about even. The girls said that guys do and the guys said that girls do.

So, which is it?

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Girls: what do you really think about guys wolf whistling at you in public?

I've never done it in my life, but I've considered it. But I only want to do it if the girl will like it. I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable.

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The best imageboards ranking

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Love yourself.

Simply put, I feel that somehow, many people on the Internet haven't seen firsthand how powerful and indispensable self-love can be in rougher times.

Loving yourself puts an end to many struggles and lets the basic happiness of being alive shine through your being.

Disclaimer : I can not directly show anybody how to work on their own mind, though these indications may be of use to one who has an open mind and a will to see for oneself. I will take absolutely no responsibility for the actions that will be justified in the reading of these words. Following this method can be done by anybody at any times, the basic requirements are very simple : Patience, Mindfulness, Perseverance. A quiet, comfortable environment is also very useful for the intellectual parts. If you want to understand anything at all, keep in mind that what I'm discussing here is something very subjective that can not properly be explained in common English. The closest I can get to that is by trying to point out roughly where(how) you should focus and direct your attention to find out what is real. Without further ado, here is, for the first ever in the recorded history of everything,

- How to love yourself - by Anon

For beginning and advanced self-lovers

What is love to you? What is Love to anyone really? Love is what binds and holds everything together in the Universe. Love is beyond space and time, it is a special kind of energy that can seem miraculous or mystical because it can't been explored in any way by modern science, since most of it's effects on humans can easily be attributed to subjectivity, not to mention that it is fairly simple to dismiss the whole thing with just a tiny bit of scepticism.

Love is the state of mind of greater good, it can only be used in ways that benefit everything and everybody. It is a very powerful tool that can be used to transform any given part of your being, from personality (intellectual realm), to your emotional landscape, andeven your physical reality, eventually.
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