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So, I am sexually attracted to my half-cousin. We have a pretty good relationship (we are fairly open with each other, we have a lot of fun together, we frequently joke about sex, etc.), and I think about having sex with her at every family function I see her at. Now, I am not interested in having a romantic relationship with her, but a part of me wants to have a "Cousins with benefits" kinda thing. I am 22 and she is 18.

Basically, I'm just wondering if at some point I should tell her that I find her attractive. This obviously carries significant risk, since if she does not reciprocate, and the family finds out, things could get immensely awkward and uncomfortable (not to mention, I probably won't be aloud to hang out with her again - which would suck, because I genuinely enjoy her company).

Do you think it's a good idea to bring this up at some point? I say "some point" because she currently has a boyfriend, and so I feel like she would be unreceptive at this point in time. What are your guys' opinions on this? Have any of you had similar experiences or acted on the impulse to confess attraction to a cousin?
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I have cousins.What are 1/2 cousins.Are they cut lengthwise,head to toe.Or severed at the waist.Since no one ever visits this sight,i really don't expect an answer!


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Help! I'm addicted to video games.Can someone give me a cure?

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File 137573914860.jpg - (113.87KB , 700x946 , JayneMansfield9412WEB.jpg )

File 137495362296.jpg - (59.23KB , 799x581 , pspcytxnv1jl.jpg )
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Tell me what you think of this picture.

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Without getting into a lot of detail.This is my girlfriends daughter.My question is very simple.Should i? or shouldn't i?
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do it
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File 137096567518.jpg - (80.69KB , 500x746 , black2_500.jpg )
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File 137113611673.jpg - (2.47MB , 3872x2592 , Heather 762764.jpg )

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I am 29yo and recently(1month ago) met a single mother in a bar and have been dating her since then.Her daughter is a teen and they live in a small apartment.My girl friend says that her family are nudists and often walk around their apartment nude.She asked me if i would mind if they were nude when i visited.I know most of you would say--- Are you nuts,say yes you fool.The problem is i find her daughter HOT,and might find it HARD not to get Hard,if you know what i mean.
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File 136397986990.jpg - (90.94KB , 960x720 , 135237448332.jpg )
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File 136397989789.jpg - (72.60KB , 543x409 , 135237448488.jpg )
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File 13640705239.jpg - (48.86KB , 537x720 , 133892600038.jpg )
Here she is posing with some of my friends,and me.I'm the one in front with my hand on her tits.She slapped my face,but it was worth it.

File 136297672219.jpg - (98.68KB , 682x611 , derp.jpg )
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How can i help,with your problem???

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What should I do with my life?

I have a bachelor of arts in English lit. ( haha useless I know but it's too late to go study science and I probably would have made a shitty engineer anyway.) My boyfriend of over a year is in a similar boat (philosophy.) We live together in a small city with a not so great employment rate and both have part time jobs paying barely enough to get by, and not going to get by at all once the student loans payments kick in.

We keep talking about leaving town to move to a big city and find better jobs but in all honesty this only ends up in us applying for a few here and there online... very occasionally. It's almost like we take turns being depressed and unmotivated and the other cheering on then the next hour switch it up. So I guess in some ways we are keeping each other going and in some ways holding each other back.

It's hard to figure out what to do with your own life and seems even harder when you have to coordinate with someone as clueless as yourself :(

proposed ideas for change include:

>>start taking st. john's wort to lift depression and increase motivation
>>move to Toronto
>>move to Calgary
>>become an interior designer or florist

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Keep being depressed, because if you can't be an engineer then there is no job opportunity for you in the future.

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So there's this girl that I've known for years. When we first met she found me and I really wanted to get with her. We ended up making out but nothing else ever happened due to our busy schedules and me wanting to shop around.

We saw each other once or twice a year since then. Fast forward a few years. We text a lot (like every day), and I still think she's cute. Sometimes I ask her to play on cam or take dirty pictures. Sometimes she makes me work for it, but not always, and not very hard.

Lately she's been getting frustrated that I'm not trying to see her more often. Like, we've hung out three times in the past 6 months. No sex, no kissing. Just video games and dinner.

I think she might be in love with me. She's been giving me ultimatums and trying to get me to admit feelings for her.

I have a hard time getting attached to people because of trust issues and I don't know if I want to settle. I make a lot of money and travel frequently so there are many opportunities to meet someone else, you know, someone hotter. I don't know if she thinks I am leading her on, honestly, I don't think I am trying to. But I still message her everyday and flirt with her (but I am a flirt in general).

I can't bare to tell her to stop talking to me, though.
Is there something wrong with me or is she just crazy?
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we want dirty pictures man
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File 132813398846.jpg - (88.85KB , 450x362 , scarpussy.jpg )
The chances of finding a hot chick that is cooler than her and doesn't make you miserable are pretty damn slim dude. Go for it. Or at least have sex w/ her before writing her off.
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Has she sent you any dirty pictures.If she has,than she is NUTS,and you really don't want a long term relationship.But you might want to try & fuck her just for fun.Send her a pic of a stiff cock,and say it is yours,and that she made it stiff.Then see what happens.

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